Whether you recently lost your job or are ready to move into a new role, we strongly recommend that applicants follow an organised and planned approach to job seeking.


By painting the picture of a desperate job seeker, you may jeopardise your earning potential, level of future employment and prospective growth opportunities.




  • Develop a professional brand depicting a confident, experienced and qualified professional. Showcase your ability to influence business and service a niche market. Draw inspiration from the business profiles of successful industry players. 


  • Be specific and find a title or role description best representing your expertise. Communicate achievements, contributions and skills that set you apart from other candidates. Ask yourself, "What do I want to achieve with my business profile or CV?". 


  • Connect and network with industry leaders and specialists. Participate in discussions, but do not flood the inboxes of business partners with CVs or requests for employment. Instead propose the provision of a service, business collaboration or filling a specialist function, to benefit their organisations. 


  •  If possible, speak to a specialist recruiter or hiring manager before applying for an advertised role. Discuss available options. Protect your privacy and discuss your profile with a professional.


  • As talent acquisition consultants, we tend to give less attention to applicants that approach us with requests to be considered for "any available role that will fit their skills". It is essential to be focused and clear about the reason for the contact and the desired outcome.


  • Stay on top of industry news and market trends. Developments in the business arena is often an indicator of potential vacancies to follow. 





Powerful well-thought-out questions will help you differentiate yourself from the competition and present you with a chance to showcase skills, experience and suitability"

Specialists are inundated with opportunities to interview. Consider 5 points before you decide to participate in an interview process.

Career change is not always and option, but you are able to find happiness and purpose in your current situation


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