Lost your passion for your job?

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Feeling frustrated, unenthusiastic and bored with what you do for large parts of the day, can seriously impact your happiness, health and quality of life. This can leave you vulnerable to stress and career burnout. Do you still feel excited about going to work and do you remember what motivated you in the first place?

Changing career paths is not always and option, but you are able to find happiness and purpose in your current situation by considering the following:

  1. Taking on new challenges. Talk to your boss and discuss building your career and taking on new challenges. Examine the aspects that truly excited you about your current role. Think about where you started, experience gained and how you can still develop and contribute in the current team. The purpose of the discussion is to suggest new ideas and solutions that will benefit you and the company. New responsibilities should enhance your knowledge and skills, contribute to your value as respected industry player and make your experience attractive to future employers.
  2. Sharing the burden. Feeling overwhelmed and worn-out can seriously impact your motivation to perform at your best. You are constantly racing against time and drowning in responsibilities. Research new avenues to share the workload, ask for help, learn to delegate and say “No”.
  3. Move to a different team or division. Consider the option of moving to a different team or business unit in the ogranisation. Be clever, research different options and get informed. The purpose of the transfer should not only be to join a nice team, but well thought-through and planned, focused on learning new skills and achieving long-term career goals.
  4. Be the guy with the excellent attitude. It is a well-known fact that workplace attitudes have an important influence on the morale and productivity of the environment. Choose to be positive and make the journey a pleasant one. You will also naturally attract confident, intelligent and focused colleagues, willing to collaborate.
  5. Mentor a junior. Nothing is more satisfying than developing and supporting a junior colleague. You will contribute towards the development of a career and ultimately the success of the organisation. Your efforts will be rewarded by respect from your peers and even a promotion.  

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