Are you moving jobs too often?

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There has been a rapid increase in job-hopping, over the past years. Job-hoppers are individuals who repeatedly move between companies every one to two years. The reason for the move is not due to layoffs, companies closing down or end of contracts. Millennials have expectations to constantly learn, develop, and advance in their careers. Frequent job changing is even seen as a necessary step to earn a higher salary, meet new people, gain knowledge in different industries and cultures, keep skills fresh and remain competitive.


If you are repeatedly moving employment companies consider the following:


1. Shallow experience may be the result of working in different industries for short periods of time. It usually takes time to gain an in-depth understanding of a specific area.


2. Job-hopping may be seen as a lack of loyalty, professionalism or being unqualified for the job. Prospective employers invest a lot of time, money and energy in developing the skills of new employees in the hope that they will grow and remain in the environment for a reasonable period of time (at least 3 years and more).


3. It may signal a tendency of getting bored easily. Once you have adapted to the new company and fallen into another monotonous routine, you will be gone again.


4. Chronic job-hoppers are often expensive. They constantly demand higher salaries and end up in situations where earnings exceed experience. They have out-priced themselves and prospective employers will rather explore affordable alternatives.


5. Job-hoppers may be more vulnerable when layoffs occur.


I suggest a well-thought-out approach to career development and moving jobs, to ensure sustainable career success and continuous growth. This is especially important in a time of a global economic pressure, layoffs and recruitment freezes. 


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