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DevOps software development and delivery processes are rapidly spreading throughout the technical community.

2 Great explanations of DevOps on Youtube:

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Google will invest in AI startups and send its engineers to help them out for up to a year...

"Gradient Ventures' residency program gives portfolio companies access to Google engineers.The idea is to spur innovation in artificial intelligence while also providing interesting experiences to Google engineers".

-Sundar Pichai,Google CEO

Don’t expect autonomous cars in South Africa anytime soon...

"Fully-fledged autonomous vehicles are unlikely to be in the country in the near future, due to poor infrastructure.The experience of full autonomy is not going to be practical in South Africa. Manufacturers all have the technology, the issue is that the infrastructure needs to be in place to utilise it.

Many cars in SA can keep themselves in a lane, and accelerate or break automatically, but these were only “autonomous level one and two” vehicles.Fully-autonomous cars are “level five”, and are controlled by an automated driving system.There is a lot of unpredictable behaviour on South African roads and we need to design ourselves around that,” he said".

-Andrew Kirby, CEO,Toyota South Africa


The fastest racing drone...

The Drone Racing League (DRL) having the most traction in professional drone racing for FPV (first person view) where the pilot only sees what the drone sees, claimed a spot in the Guinness World Records with a battery-powered quad-copter that hit a top speed of 163.5 mph (263 km/h).

For the record, the drone needed to fly back and forth across a course of 100 m, with the record set as the average of the top speed on the two flights. The team noted that the prototype earlier hit a top speed of 179.6 (mph) (289 km/h), but not on the 100 meter course.

The official spec for the RacerX is: 800g weight; 46,000 RPM; 10S (42V) Powertrain; BeeRotor80A (10S) ESCs / BLHeli withMultishot; TMotor F80 2407 2500kv; 1,300mAh 2 x5S R-Line Tattu Lithium Polymer Batteries.

Easy-Macro Lens fits all Smartphones on Amazon...

Easy-Macro is a simple, flexible 4x magnification accessory for smartphones allowing you to take close-up photos with incredible detail.

The lens is easy to use and fits any smartphone or tablet on the market. Easy-Macro is small enough to fit in your wallet so you never forget it at home and works on all devices with or without a case.

Executive Machine Learning Conference andTraining Course 2017 eXe-MLbrings trends in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to South Africa.

Local and US speakers will adress the applications of ML and AI in various sectors. Get hands-on training on integrating these concepts into your organisation.

Consider 5 points before you interview...

The demand for Technology specialists in South African are drastically rising. Job seekers are inundated with requests from business owners, in-house and outsourced recruiters, attempting to convince them to participate in a variety of job application processes. Though flattering at first, you may soon find it difficult to identify appropriate opportunities, beneficial to future career development. Interviewing processes are often lengthily and time consuming, involving technical and face to face sessions.

Remote work...

Remote work, also referred to as Telecommuting seems to be the trend of the future. This practice of working from home and using the internet, email, telephone and other Real-Time-Communication (RTC) tools as a means to share information with colleagues, is sharply increasing in South Africa.

Just a few short years ago, the practice may have seemed out of reach. Many companies are currently employing telecommuters and yet for others working remotely is still considered a big perk to be negotiated.

The South African landscape is unique. The Corporate Hub is reaching out to South African specialists on all levels to gain an insight into their opinions on remote work or telecommuting.

Do you think that remote work can increase employees' productivity, drive efficiency, boost morale and lower stress, or that it may have a negative effect on team work, company culture and clear communications?Make your voice heard and take part in ourOpinion poll or Emailus with your opinion


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